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“As Good As It Gets” – What A Difference 11 Months Makes

Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic, What a difference eleven months make. Shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated he fired Michael Flynn. What’s become the conventional subtext is that the intelligence agencies have launched a “soft coup” against Trump, he has been significantly weakened, and the Deep State has scored a major victory. […]

Kremlin Responds To Mueller Indictment: “No Accusations Against Russia”

It’s strange how the Muller probe of “Russian collusion” mutated: half a year into the special prosecutor’s investigation whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin to defeat Hillary Clinton (who may have colluded with Moscow herself over the infamous Uranium One deal, a prove is pending), there was not a single mention of Russia […]

Frustrated Trump Urges State To Release Remaining Clinton Emails

More than nine months after the DOJ and a handful of Congressional committees launched probes into Russia's efforts to influence the election, President Donald Trump is finally pushing back by aiding Congressional Republicans' efforts to investigate the Clinton's Russia ties, which are as extensive than Trump's, if not more so. Earlier this week, he reportedly […]