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China’s Big Bang Bombshell: Beijing Opens Financial Sector To Foreign Ownership, But Why Now?

That was quick. Trump leaves China (only to go back on the offensive about unfair trade practices in his APEC speech) and just hours later Trump's new Beijing friends announce that foreign firms will be permitted to take majority ownership in Chinese financial firms… well capped at 51% for now anyway. We doubt that this […]

North Korea Boosts Coastal Defenses Following “Declaration Of War” Speech

North Korea appears to be following through with its threat to shoot down US fighter jets and bombers that travel near its airspace, as US jets and bombers did on Saturday, according to a Yonhap report – the latest sign that North Korea intends to follow through with threats made by Foreign Minister Ri Yong […]

De-escalation? Trump Says Military Action In North Korea “Not His First Choice”

In yet another attempt at de-escalation by the US, moments ago as president Trump was leaving the White House, he responded to a reporter question on whether there will be military action in North Korea, saying that “it’s not his first choice”, but adding that “we’ll see what happens.” TRUMP: WILL HAVE TO SEE WHAT […]