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This Weekend’s Chicago “Shoot-a-Rahm-a” – 10 Dead, 30 Wounded, 500 Homicides Year-To-Date

Another weekend passes, celebrities slap each other on the back and bash Trump, students across the nation demand more statues come down, politicians promote various self-aggrandizing issues, and Chicago is a f##king bloodbath that no one seems to care about… 2017 Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 10 killed, 30 wounded 2016 weekend tally: 6 killed, 38 wounded 2015 […]

Pension Storm Coming: “This Will Become One Of The Most Heated Battles Of My Lifetime”

By John Mauldin from Mauldin economics This time is different are the four most dangerous words any economist or money manager can utter. We learn new things and invent new technologies. Players come and go. But in the big picture, this time is usually not fundamentally different, because fallible humans are still in charge. (Ken […]