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Turkey At Risk Of Hyperinflation As CPI Soars To 14-Year High

Turkey’s currency is being battered from all sides at the moment. In October 2017, the Lira fell sharply after both countries suspended bilateral visa processing in the latest US/Turkey diplomatic spat (although this was reversed in early November). Two weeks ago, it fell to a record low of 3.97 to the dollar, prompting the central […]

The Five Biggest Tests For China’s Next Central Bank Governor

Zhou Xiaochuan’s long reign as PBoC Governor is drawing to a close. He signaled his impending retirement last month and will be seventy years old In January 2018. Zhou has headed up China’s central bank from the early days of China’s “growth miracle” in 2002 and successfully – thanks to massive credit creation – steered […]

Turkish Lira, Bonds Plunge After Erdogan Tells Central Bank “It’s On The Wrong Path”

Turkish lira plunged near record low 3.9/USD this morning and bond yields spiked over 12.5% for the first time in history as investor anxiety escalated following President Erdogan's attack on the nation's central bank, decrying it's "wrong path." Currency crisis… And bond market panic… As Bloomberg reports, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signaled an end […]

Stossel slams BOC Alt-Media ban: “Be nice or we kick you out.”

Contributed by Sprott Money Original available here:   By Peter Diekmeyer   September 15, 2017   Criticism continues to mount in the wake of the Bank of Canada’s exclusion of free market economists and the two-tier media strategy it implemented for a key policy-making conference, held yesterday in Ottawa. The conference’s goal was to air out […]

Bank of Canada Shuts Out Free Market Economists from Key Policy Conference

  Bank of Canada Shuts Out Free Market Economists from Key Policy Conference Written by Peter Diekmeyer, Sprott Money News     Next week’s Bank of Canada policy conference appears set to deliver standard talking points. Not a single free market economist has been invited and a BOC spokesperson confirmed that the alternative-financial press is […]

Loonie Soars After Bank Of Canada Unexpectedly Hikes Rates By 25 bps

With only 6 of 33 forecasters predicting a rate hike in today’s Bank of Canada announcement, it was inevitable: the Bank of Canada surprised a good 75% of the market, and triggered massive stop loss orders in the looni, when moments ago it announced it hiked rates by 25bps to 1%, sending the USDCAD lower […]