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One More Trader Capitulates: “It’s A Bubble, Buy It”

"The world is full of bubbles," warns former fund manager Richard Breslow but that shouldn't stop you from buying 'em. In the latest capitulation of a former realist, Breslow's confessional clarifies what many, many market participants clearly believe (and what Goldman called "unusually bullish"), "The reality is, you don’t have to like equities to buy […]

Some Thoughts On “Long-Term Investing”

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Last week, I was having lunch with a prospective portfolio management client discussing the current market and economic backdrop and the related risk to invested capital. During our appetizer of stone crabs and lobster-corn chowder, (if you ever drift into a Truluck’s restaurant I highly suggest both) he discussed […]