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Rental Nation: Unique ‘Solution’ Emerges To Address Flood Of Off-Lease Vehicles…Lease Them Again

We’ve written frequently of late about the coming wave of off-lease vehicles that threatens to flood the used car market with excess supply, crush used car prices and simultaneously wreak havoc on the new car market as well.  As we recently noted (see: “Flood Of Off-Lease Vehicles” Set To Wreak Havoc On New Car Sales), […]

Durable Goods Orders Bounce In September – Remain Below 2007 Highs

While total durable goods orders have stagnated below 2007 highs for the last 4 years, thanks to a better-than-expected 2.2% jump in September, the YoY gain was an impressive-sounding 8.3% (the 8th month in a row of annual gains). Context is king…   Under trhe covers, eveything was rosy: U.S. Sept. Durable Goods Orders Rise […]

This $586.56 San Francisco Lawsuit Could Destroy The Entire ‘Gig Economy’

When Raef Lawson filed his $586.56 lawsuit in San Francisco he probably didn’t realize he could potentially end up disrupting the entire ‘gig economy’ that subsidizes a plethora of Silicon Valley tech giants from Uber to DoorDash, but that could very well end up being the outcome.  As Yahoo points out today, Lawson used to […]