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From Millions to Dead URLS – – 2017 versus 1999

From the Slope of Hope blog: On my crowded bookshelf of history texts is one book called Dot Con, which recounts the build-up to, and the bursting of, the Internet bubble. I hadn’t read this book in many years, but I pulled it from the shelf yesterday to thumb through it, since we seem to be […]

The Asymmetry Of Bubbles: The Status Quo And Bitcoin

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Shall we compare the damage that will be done when all these bubbles pop? Regardless of one's own views about bitcoin/cryptocurrency, what is truly remarkable is the asymmetry that is applied to questioning the status quo and bitcoin. As I noted yesterday, everyone seems just fine with […]

Ron Paul: “The Fed’s Massive Bubble Is Creating A World Of Economic Pain”

There shouldn't be a Federal Reserve, but it exists, and it's constantly creating a world of economic pain.? Each Federal Reserve bubble must turn into a bust. It's unavoidable. Ron Paul discusses the latest bubble below… Via RonPaulLibertyReport.com According to the central planners, the "solution" for the bust is more creation of new money and […]

Bitcoin Explodes To New Record High Over $5200

Having bounced back from China's exchange closures and Dimon's damning, Bitcoin just broke above its pre-China ICO ban highs and traded above $5000 for the first time in history (even as Russia decided to block local access). There was no looking back as the cryptocurrency is now trading $5240 – a new record high. As […]

Sick Of Bitcoin? Then Buy This Mystery Bubble Stock

Unhappy about the 30% decline in Bitcoin (after it has rallied 545% year-to-date), then how about this mystery bubble stock? It has the same attractive vertical chart pattern…   It's now more expensive than Bitcoin – so that must be good…   But you better hurry, because it seems that as Bitcoin collapses, so 'investors' […]