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Feminist Professors Slam Selfies For “Perpetuating Classic Gender Roles”

Authored by Toni Airaksinen via Campus Reform, A group of feminist professors recently discovered that Instagram selfies taken by women in college can reinforce “traditional gender roles.” In a study led by Mardi Schmeichel, a University of Georgia (UGA) professor specializing in “feminist theory,” a team of professors analyzed 233 selfies that were posted in […]

Illumina Vets Unveil New Crypto Scheme: Send In DNA Test, Get Paid In Virtual Currency

Content originally published at iBankCoin.com A group of scientists and engineers headed by former officials from genetic research firm Illumina think they have a novel approach to getting people to send in their DNA tests for research purposes: pay them in cryptocurrency… Luna DNA’s founding team Bob Kain, David Lewis, Dan Lin and Michael Witz Starting […]

The Yield Curve Just Keeps Collapsing…

"probably nothing…" The Treasury yield curve continues to plumb new cycle lows with 2s30s now below 94bps and 5s30s testing below 60bps…   If the tax deal is so 'growthy' – why is the yield curve signaling degrowth? Who's right about growth? Bonds or Stocks? http://WarMachines.com

US Military Invests In ‘Doomsday Genetics’ Technology: “My Main Worry Is That We Do Something Irreversible”

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, Amid United Nations' fears that genetic extinction technology could be used by militaries, a United States military agency has invested $100 million in the doomsday biological technology that can wipe out an entire species. Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver Doomsday […]

Eating Meat Perpetuates “Hegemonic Masculinity”, Professor Says

Authored by Toni Airaksinen via Campus Reform, A Pennsylvania State University sociology professor recently argued that eating meat perpetuates “hegemonic masculinity” and “gender hegemony.” In the most recent issue of the Journal of Feminist Geography, professor Anne DeLessio-Parson argues that “hegemonic masculinity implies an imperative to eat meat” and that this helps reify other power […]

William Rees: What’s Driving The Planet’s Accelerating Species Collapse?

Authored by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com, The data regarding planetary species loss just gets more alarming. Today's podcast guest is bioecologist and ecological economist Dr. William Rees, professor emeritus of the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning. Rees is best known for his development of the "ecological footprint" concept as a way […]

“Lull Before The Storm” – Will China Bring An Energy-Debt Crisis?

Authored by Gail Tverberg via Our Finite World blog, It is easy for those of us in the West to overlook how important China has become to the world economy, and also the limits it is reaching. The two big areas in which China seems to be reaching limits are energy production and debt. Reaching […]

EPA Just Approved The Release Of ‘Weaponized’ Mosquitoes In 20 US States

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just cleared MosquitoMate, Inc., a Lexington, KY based biotechnology company, focused on mosquito control deficiencies, invasive mosquito species, and important vectors of human diseases, to release it’s bacteria-infected mosquitoes in 20 US states and Washington DC. First released on Nature.com, On 3 November, the agency told biotechnology start-up MosquitoMate that it could release […]

Monsanto In Court Again As Powerful New Herbicide Accidently Kills 3.6 Million Acres Of Crops

Monsanto thought they had developed an amazing scheme to corner the Midwest farming market when they developed new genetically engineered seeds that were resistant to their new herbicide called dicamba.  The resistance of Monsanto’s new magical seed crops to dicamba meant that the herbicide could be sprayed liberally by farmers to eradicate weeds and boost […]

Scientists Look For A Cure For Politically Undesirable Behavior

Via GEFIRA, The ‘Free World’ has taken on where the Soviet scientists and psychiatrists left off. German and American scientists of renowned Universities in Bonn and Lübeck do research on treatment for politically undesirable behaviour like their Soviet colleagues from the infamous Serbsky Central Research Institute in Moscow. In the Soviet Union people who protested […]

Another Monsanto Pesticide Draws Fire As Farmers Break Out In Rashes

Poor Monsanto just can’t catch a break these days.  Just yesterday we noted that Monsanto’s RoundUp replacement, Dicamba, was causing outrage in the ag community as state regulators all across the country were suddenly being flooded with reports from farmers saying the product is increasingly becoming airborne and killing crops far away from the fields […]

Meet Monsanto’s Other Herbicide Problem…

Earlier this year we wrote about a series of court documents that were unsealed and seemingly revealed a startling effort on the part of both Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to work in concert to kill and/or discredit independent, albeit inconvenient, cancer research conducted by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research […]

Chicago PMI Surges To Highest Since March 2011 (As Employment Falls)

Another day, another 'soft' survey shows improvement. Following Dallas Fed's surge yesterday, Chicago PMI printed a dramatically better than expected 66.2 (60.0 exp) – the highest since March 2011. This print is above the highest estimate (forecast range 58 – 64.7 from 31 economists surveyed) and is a 4 standard deviation beat… To the highest […]

The United States Of Toxins

Via Priceonomics.com, Every year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires most large industrial facilities to report the volume of toxic chemicals they release into the environment.  The EPA takes this data and consolidates it into the Toxic Releases Inventory (TRI), which is then used to set environmental policies in place. We analyzed this data […]

Depravity, Frivolity, And Dissent: Are We Watching The End Of An Empire?

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, A 40-year-old essay predicted the end of an empire and current events sure make it look like we’re watching it happen in real time. I spend a fair bit of time scanning the news every day for my site, Preppers Daily News. And some days, I […]