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Cable Soars After UK, Ireland Agree On Brexit Border Deal

As several sellside desks have summarized, today will be a binary one for GBP: either deal or no deal. And following an early swoon in cable after speculation rose that a deal would be elusive, the pound soared above 1.35 following a report that EU chief brexit negotiator Barnier told MEPs that a breakthrough is […]

As Kurdish President Announces Resignation, Supporters Storm Parliament With Knives And Guns

Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani announced his resignation Sunday after the biggest gamble of his 12 years as president of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) not only failed, but utterly backfired as territorial reversals reduced KRG power to its weakest position in decades. Though his push for an independence referendum had overwhelming support among Iraq's […]

Monarch Airlines Files For Insolvency: Britain’s Biggest-Ever Airline Collapse

U.K. leisure carrier Monarch Airlines filed for insolvency on Monday, the biggest ever failure of a British airline, stranding tens of thousands of travellers overseas and prompting the country’s biggest-ever peacetime repatriation effort, as the government has to find a way to to arrange the return of 110,000 tourists, and marking the third failure of […]

“It’s Really Hard In China” – Sex Doll Rental Business Withdraws From Market After Just A Week

As we warned over the weekend, when we first learned of Beijing's new sex doll rental business, China's sharing economy may have just jumped the shark. Now, just 4 days later, after its business model elicited a flood of complaints and criticism, Chinese company Ta Qu – or “Touch” in English – has announced that […]