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Meet America’s New ‘Renter Class’: Baby Boomers

There was a time in American history when apartment living, particularly in the suburbs, was reserved for 20-something year olds who were happy to look beyond the cramped spaces and odorous carpets of multi-family housing units in their quest for cheap housing and freedom from the parental units.  But, as the Rent Cafe Blog points […]

National Rents Stall For 4th Month In A Row As Multi-Family Supply Glut Takes Its Toll

After a steady march higher in the wake of the ‘great recession’ nearly a decade ago, a note today from Rent Cafe reveals that average rents in the United States have now stalled for 4 months in row with September’s national average coming in at $1,354 per month, which is virtually flat from the $1,350 […]

How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent In The World’s ‘Most Magnetic’ Cities?

New Yorkers who wince every time they slip a $1,500 rent check under their super’s door should consider moving to Shanghai, or maybe Berlin. According to a new study published on RentCafe, $1,500 will buy you three times more space in Shanghai than in Los Angeles and twice as much in Frankfurt. Meanwhile, rents per […]