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Christmas Crisis: 15,000 American Air Flights Without Pilots Over Holidays Due To “Glitch”

A computer error means millions of Americans may be stranded over the coming holidays as some 15,000 American Air flights in the second half of December have no pilots assigned, Reuters reported with the Allied Pilots Association labor union explaining that a “glitch” in the system that bids for pilots’ time off based on seniority […]

On The Ground In Venezuela: “This Country Is Being Cut Off From The Rest Of The World”

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, The first thing to understand about Venezuela today is that it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to even get here. Or get out. Nearly every major regional and international carrier has discontinued service to/from Caracas. Due to safety concerns amid all the chaos and violence here, Lan Airlines in Chile (now […]

Private-Plane Taxes: Another Way The Poor Subsidize The Rich

Wealthy CEOs and athletes have found a loophole that allows them to minimize their tax bills while traveling in style – all at the expense of the everyday traveler who flies commercial and must bear an outsize percentage of aviation taxes in the US. According to a Bloomberg analysis of government data, operators of private […]