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Is This The Most Important Chart In The World?

"This is possibly the most important chart in the world…" As 13D Global Strategy and Research noted: A breach of the top-line of the channel could signal a major reversal in the multi-decade downtrend in UST bond yields." So the question is – is an event engineered to slam rates lower, in order to avoid […]

Yield Curve Crash Continues As Stocks Surge On Biggest Short-Squeeze In 11 Months

Ignore gold, ignore earnings expectations, ignore the dollar, ignore the yield curve… and…   German stocks sum it all up… Buy The F**king German Government Crisis… (even as EUR stays weaker)   Record Highs all around in 'Murica…   As once again the European Session (green boxes) cominated the ramp…   As VIX was slammed […]

This Is The Trumpiversary Paradox That Nobody Can Figure Out

Someone is going to be very disappointed… In the 12 months since President Trump's election, stock prices and bond yields have jumped, however, as the chart shows, bonds have flatlined in a narrow range for the last 10 months as stocks have legged higher… … on a bed of global money-printing… However, much more significant […]

Curve Flattens After Blistering 30Y Auction Stops Through, Highest Bid To Cover In Two Years

After yesterday’s stellar 10Y auction, today at 1pm the Treasury sold the last of three weekly auctions, by offering $12 billion in 30Y paper to eager buyers. And eager they were, with the high yield of 2.870% stopping through the When Issued 2.874% by 0.4 bps. This was the biggest strop through on a 30Y […]

Stocks Slammed Amid ‘Cohn Of Uncertainty’ As Hindenburg Omen Cluster Nears Record

"Pause that refreshes?", "Fleshwound?", or "beginning of the end?"   Between Bannon's China trade war threats and fears over Cohn leaving, risk was off today, not helped by dismal Industrial Production data and the utter horror in Barcelona… Trannies were worst but this was an ugly say all aropund and losses accelerate iunto the close […]