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Global Stocks Rise Ahead Of Much Anticipated Speeches By Yellen, Draghi

Global markets are stuck in a holding pattern with S&P futures up modestly after fluctuating overnight, as European and Asian shares rise with oil while the dollar has dipped lower ahead of the biggest central bank event of the year: the Fed’s Jackson Hole symposium where Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi will speak at 10am […]

Samsung Billionaire Heir Sentenced To 5 Years In Jail For Bribery

The billionaire Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman and heir, Lee Jae-yong, was sentenced to five years in prison for paying bribes worth 8.9 billion won ($7.9 million) to a friend of then-president Park Geun-hye to win her support for the merger of two Samsung affiliates. The sentence marks a “watershed moment” for the country’s decades-long economic […]

Zero Tolerance – Venice Mayor Orders Cops To Shoot Anyone Who Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’

Venice's right-wing mayor has ordered cops to shoot anyone who shouts 'Allahu Akbar' – rather than risk a terror attack. The Times reports that Italian mayor Luigi Brugnaro claimed that his city Venice was safer than Barcelona – where 14 people died being run down by a van last week. "In contrast with Barcelona, where they […]

“It Is Our Very Existence That Is Unbearable To Jihadists”

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, The Islamist attacks against Spain, Finland and Germany unmasked the central problem: Pacifism will not protect Europe from either Islamization or terror attacks. Spain and Germany were, in fact, among the most reluctant countries in Europe to take an active role in the anti-ISIS coalition. The Spanish […]

Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months

One year ago, when he was still president, Francois Hollande scandalized the establishment when it emerged that amid record unemployment, painful labor reforms, a sliding economy and the most serious social unrest in decades, the French president’s personal hairdressed was getting paid a gross salary by the state of ~$11,000 per month (more than a […]

Trump’s New Strategy For Afghanistan Is Neither New, Nor A Strategy, Nor Trump’s

Authored by James George Jatras via The Stratgic Culture Foundation, For some time it has been clear that the White House of President Donald Trump was convulsed with a struggle among various court factions vying for the Emperor’s ear. Crudely oversimplified, these are variously described as: 1. The military «Junta» (Generals McMaster, National Security Council; […]

China Is Building An Army Of Robot Workers

As wages for Chinese workers’ skyrocket, the country’s manufacturers are scrambling to replace humans with machines, in many cases to preserve thin profit margins that have been choked by debt service. But according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence, China’s embrace of automation – its companies are installing machines faster than in any other country […]

Inside The “Wildest Commodity Trade” Ever… Just Don’t Blink

Besides the hilariously fabricated economic data and the whole central planning bit – both of which are now everywhere these days – the one most notable feature about China’s economy and capital markets are the constantly rolling, bursting and resurrecting asset bubbles: from housing, to stocks, to bonds, to commodities, to cryptocurrencies, to pretty much […]

UVa Students Demand Racial Quotas, “Mandatory Education” On “Jefferson’s White Supremacy”

Authored by Sandor Farkas via Campus Reform, A statue of Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia's campus has become a focal point for controversy. Student groups at the University of Virginia have issued a list of demands that includes racial quotas and mandatory “education” about Thomas Jefferson’s connection to white supremacy. The Minority Rights Coalition […]

What Financial Conditions Tell Us (Two Charts & A Prediction)

Via FFWiley.com, It seems every bank, including central banks, publishes a financial conditions index these days. And because financial conditions typically lead the economy, it makes sense to track them. In fact, they might contain even more information than they get credit for. They might offer the elusive “crystal ball” that foretells our economic fortunes. […]

In Historic Move, Qatar Restores Diplomatic Relations With Iran

Qatar has remained defiant throughout its unprecedented summer diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states which have brought immense pressure to bear on the tiny gas and oil rich monarchy through a complete economic and diplomatic blockade imposed by its neighbors. However, on Thursday it unveiled a stunning geopolitical realignment […]

Full Jackson Hole Agenda Released

While virtually nobody expects anything market shattering, or even moving, to be released during either Janet Yellen’s or Mario Draghi’s speeches tomorrow (recall from our preview what UBS said: “Don’t expect news at Jackson Hole. Chair Yellen has told us what she wants to about normalization, for now. Financial stability matters, but it isn’t new” […]

Why Janet Yellen Is About To Hate Bacon

For 99.9999% (our estimate) of Americans, there is great news on the way – retail bacon prices are about to plummet. However, with food accounting for 14% of CPI, we suspect the pork-price-pounding is about to become Janet Yellen's new 'transitory' problem. In the first half of the year, the best performing commodity in the […]

Slumping College Enrollment Signals Americans Are No Longer Buying The College Lie

Authored by Keli'i Akina via TheHill.com, For decades, teachers and parents around the country have been repeating the same message to children: “To have a bright future, you need to go to college.” But now, in Hawaii at least, it’s starting to look like the younger generation isn’t buying it. Across the state, University of […]

MSM Declares ‘Victory’ After Last County Gets Obamacare Provider; Ignores Crippling Premium Hikes

For the past couple of weeks, Democrats and the mainstream media teamed up to carefully advance a new narrative intended to shift the blame for Obamacare’s implosion onto the Trump administration.  Their argument was a relatively simple one: the mere threat from the Trump administration to remove taxpayer-funded federal subsidies caused extreme uncertainty in insurance […]