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Yield Curve Crash Continues As Stocks Surge On Biggest Short-Squeeze In 11 Months

Ignore gold, ignore earnings expectations, ignore the dollar, ignore the yield curve… and…   German stocks sum it all up… Buy The F**king German Government Crisis… (even as EUR stays weaker)   Record Highs all around in 'Murica…   As once again the European Session (green boxes) cominated the ramp…   As VIX was slammed […]

Trump Is Standing By Roy Moore: “We Don’t Need A Liberal Democrat In That Seat”

After refusing to discuss allegations that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with nine women when they were still teenagers, President Donald Trump has for the first time spoken out about the controversy during a impromptu conference with a group of reporters just before he and his family departed Washington for the […]

Head Of Animation At Disney Takes Leave Of Absence For “Grabbing, Kissing Missteps”

Hollywood’s sexual predator class is falling like dominos. The latest casualty in the sexual harassment blowback appears to be Disney Animation head John Lasseter, who according to the Hollywood Reporter is taking a leave of absence from Pixar after acknowledging “painful” conversations & “missteps,” he disclosed in a memo to staff Tuesday. John Lasseter Lasseter […]

JPMorgan Capitulates, May Help Clients Trade Bitcoin Futures (For A Fee)

On September 12, Jamie Dimon caused a stir (and selloff) within the cryptocurrency community when he lashed out at bitcoin, calling it a “fraud” which is “worse than tulip bulbs, predicting “it won’t end well”, will “blow up” and “someone is going to get killed.” Oh, and just to make it clear, “any JPM trader […]

There Is Now A Celebrity Perv Random Apology Generator

As the avalanche of celebrity sexual predators continues to build, it is becoming harder and harder for these men to come up with excuses, apologies, and promises that sound in any way honest and repentful… Until Now!! Thanks to the magic on the interwebs, old and young white men across media, hollywood, and sports now […]

Is This The Real Reason Why The Treasury Curve Has Been Collapsing For A Month?

A 'funny' thing happened a month ago. The Treasury yield curve suddenly started to collapse… despite gains in stocks and positive economi data surprises… the question is, why? Here's one possible reason why.. Originally submitted by GovTrader, TL/DR: Tax reform creates pension fund incentive to buy 30yr bonds NOW. Currently, the top corp tax rate […]

Novogratz Slams Dimon: Buy Bitcoin Because “We No Longer Trust Financial Institutions”

It must be a sign that cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream when Bloomberg TV launches the first of a six-part series on this comparatively recent innovation. Setting the scene, Bloomberg replayed comments made in interviews from what it described as “Wall Street sceptics”, including (not surprisingly) JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, Neil Dwane of Allianz Global Investors […]

Trump And Putin Speak “For More Than An Hour” By Phone; Discuss Syria, North Korea, Ukraine

As previewed this morning, when we discussed the surprise meeting between Syria’s al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in which the Syrian president said “Today, on behalf of the Syrian people, I extend my gratitude to you for what you did, we will never forget it”, the Russian president was set to hold a phone call with […]

US Calls For ‘Genuine Transition’ In Zimbabwe As Mugabe Resigns

Update: During a small roundtable with State Department reporters late Monday, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto urged the Zimbabwe military to implement “real, genuine, economic [and] political reforms" and to ensure elections scheduled to be helpd next year are fair and transparent. The message came hours before Zimbabwe's parliament speaker […]

Bankrupt Venezuela Is Demanding Oil From JV Partners Without Payment

Now that Venezuela, and its state-owned petroleum company PDVSA, were both officially declared in default on their debt by ISDA last Friday, analysts were closely watching what the insolvent Maduro government would do next, now that it is – at least on paper – isolated from most international capital markets (with the occasional loophole when […]

Ball boy sparks brawl that mars Australian football cup final (VIDEO)

This is the moment a reluctant Australian ball boy caused a mass on-field melee in a match between rivals Sydney FC and Adelaide United in the dying moments of the Football Federation Australia (FFA) Cup final. Read Full Article at RT.com x Can’t load widget var changellyModal = document.getElementById(‘changellyModal’); var changellyButton = document.getElementById(‘changellyButton’); var changellyCloseButton […]

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Democrats Call For Ethics Investigation Into John Conyers

Update: Despite one anonymous staffer's claim that Conyers is "untouchable" because of his longstanding status as a civil-rights icon who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., senior Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are calling for an ethics probe into the Dean of the House following a report revealed that staffers have accused the […]

‘Talks needed, not the opposite,’ China says after US brands North Korea terrorism sponsor

The international community should put extra effort into resolving the Korean crisis diplomatically instead of doing the opposite, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said, one day after the US reinstated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. Read Full Article at RT.com x Can’t load widget var changellyModal = document.getElementById(‘changellyModal’); var changellyButton = document.getElementById(‘changellyButton’); […]

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NYPost Publishes Photos Of Al Franken Groping Arianna Huffington

Al Frankenstein just can’t catch a break. Yesterday, a second woman came forward to accuse the Democratic Minnesota senator of groping her at a state fair back in 2010. Several of her family members who were present when the incident occurred corroborated her story in interviews with CNN. Reporters from the cable news channel even […]

CCTV captures moment nightclubber is shot in chest from just feet away (VIDEO)

CCTV footage showing three men attacking a man outside a Leeds nightclub with a sawn-off shotgun, machete and knife has been released by police. The victim was shot in the chest from just a few feet away. Read Full Article at RT.com x Can’t load widget var changellyModal = document.getElementById(‘changellyModal’); var changellyButton = document.getElementById(‘changellyButton’); var […]

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