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Loonie, Peso Spike After Trump Says “Nafta Talks Moving Along Pretty Well”

The currencies of the NAFTA nations, loonie and peso, spiked after sliding overnight following Trump’s announcement of solar and washing machine tariffs – after Trump offered some clarification comments on what many assumed was the first shot in a trade war deal, telling reporters in the Oval office that “Nafta talks are moving along pretty […]

Pat Buchanan: “Is Democracy On The Way Down?”

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, “The Western democratic system is hailed by the developed world as near perfect and the most superior political system to run a country,” mocked China’s official new agency. “However, what’s happening in the United States today will make more people worldwide reflect on the viability and legitimacy of such […]

Schumer Withdraws Border Wall Funding Offer, Assuring Another Shutdown

In a move that virtually assures another government shutdown on February 8, Politico reports  that Chuck Schumer has taken his offer for a “spending boost” for Donald Trump’s border wall off the table, a bargaining position that would be a non-starter with the president and Congressional Republicans. The Senate minority leader, through an aide, informed […]

Fed Nominee Goodfriend Fears Bubbles Are Forming, Says QE3 Was Wrong

Fed Governor nominee Marvin Goodfriend – the negative-rate-loving, QE-hating, Carnegie Mellon professor and former Richmond Fed economist – is testifying at his Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing this morning. “I intend to draw on my academic and professional experience to promote policies that would further increase transparency and accountability at the Federal Reserve,” Goodfriend said […]

“Jaw-dropping” Text Message By FBI Agent Suggests No Trump Collusion With Russia

And the hits just keep on coming. Just hours after we reported that according to the latest batch of text messages between anti-Trump FBI investigators, a “secret society of folks” within the DOJ and the FBI may have come together in the “immediate aftermath” of the 2016 election to undermine President Trump, another blockbuster text […]

Cryptos Slide: “Is There Any New Information That Didn’t Exist Two Weeks Ago?”

Since CME unleashed its Bitcoin Futures, cryptocurrencies have been on an almost one-way path lower… 2018 has been an ugly year so far for cryptos… With only Ethereum holding gains among the bigger cap coins (Bitcoin down another 5% today after dropping 10% yesterday, amid chatter about South Korean taxation and more crackdowns and regulatory […]

Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Launches In Europe

While bitcoin traders spend sleepless nights, drenched in sweat whether South Korea will unexpectedly ban the trading of crypto currencies on the country’s exchanges, sending the price of cryptos tumbling (it won’t any time soon as it just prohibited anonymous accounts  while making real-name crypto trading mandatory, thereby confirming that no shutdown is imminent), what […]