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Trump To Schumer: No Wall, No DACA

President Trump fired off a Tuesday night tweet to “Cryin’” Chuck Schumer (D) letting let the New York Senate Minority Leader know that without funding for the wall – one of the president’s cornerstone campaign promises, there would be no compromise on legislation to help so-called Dreamers, something we expected when we reported that Schumer […]

Patients Are “Dying In Corridors” Of Britain’s Socialised Health System

Authored by George Pickering via The Mises Institute, “Patients dying in hospital corridors.”   So went the headline which appeared on the BBC’s website last week, detailing the newest outrages which have emerged from Britain’s crisis-beset healthcare system. This most recent revelation came as a result of an open letter sent to the prime minister by […]

Watch: Massive Brawl Breaks Out In German Airport During Anti-Erdogan Protests

A massive brawl involving over 180 people broke out inside a terminal at Hannover Airport in Germany on Monday related to protests of Turkey’s military invasion of Kurdish areas in northwest Syria – an operation which began over the weekend and has received condemnation from multiple countries. Turkish-Kurdish tensions have increasingly exploded into serious confrontations […]

The American Stake In The Czech Elections

Authored by Jiri Valenta via The Gatestone Institute, Czech President Milos Zeman adamantly refuses to obey the European Union immigration quotas, even in the face of EU lawsuits. As for the widely bruited charge that he is pro-Russian: In 1968, this writer, a former classmate of Zeman’s in the Prague School of Economics, together defended […]

Estonia To Issue ‘How To Prepare For War’ Leaflets To 1.3 Million Citizens

As the world marches closer to war, countries in Europe are rushing to educate and prepare their civilian populations for military conflict with Russia. Last week, for the first time since World War II, Sweden’s government announced that it would soon distribute some 4.7 million civil defense brochures to its citizens, warning them about the onset […]

Why Does Washington Hate Bashar al-Assad?

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, The Donald Trump administration is planning to install a 30,000 strong armed “security force” in northern Syria along the borders with Turkey and Iraq. This presumably will tie together and support the remaining rag-tags of allegedly pro-democracy rebels and will fit in with existing and […]

Russian Submarine Seen Engulfed In Flames, Russian Navy Calls It An “Exercise”

A video that first surfaced on Twitter and has since made the rounds on social media, appears to show a moored Russian Kilo-class attack submarine’s stern-engulfed in thick, black smoke. #ВМФ #ТОФ🇷🇺#Russian #Navy Fire on a submarine in #Vladivostok.⚠️The Pacific Fleet’s press service states that these were ‘Damage Control’ exercises. pic.twitter.com/XSMMaNuvoE — Capt(N) (@Capt_Navy) January 21, 2018 […]

Patrick Cockburn Rages: “It’s Time To Call Economic Sanctions What They Are: War Crimes”

Authored by Patrick Cockburn via Counterpunch.org, The first pathetic pieces of wreckage from North Korean fishing boats known as “ghost ships” to be found this year are washing up on the coast of northern Japan. These are the storm-battered remains of fragile wooden boats with unreliable engines in which North Korean fishermen go far out […]

Tillerson Blames Russia For Alleged Syria Chemical Attack After Admitting He Doesn’t Actually Know Who Did It

It’s so absurd it’s hard to believe, but when it comes to US policy absurdity has been par for the course over the past years. At an international meeting hosted by France on global chemical weapons proliferation Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blamed both Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and Russia for carrying out a purported […]