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“Towards A Low-Diversity Trap”: Visualizing The DNA Of A Market Crash

Submitted by Alessandro Balata and Francesco Filia of Fasanara Capital Analysis of Market Structure: Towards A Low-Diversity Trap Ever since early-2017, our theory has been that multiple years of monumental Quantitative Easing / Negative Interest Rate monetary policies affected the behavioral patterns of investors and changed the structure itself of the market, in what accounts […]

Steve Cohen Invests In Crypto Hedge Fund

It may have lost much of its euphoric luster mood in 2018, but that doesn’t mean that the crypto space has been abandoned by institutional investors. Quite the contrary: according to Fortune, none other than billionaire Steve Cohen has decided to join the bitcoin party and has invested in a Autonomous Partners, a relatively new […]

In Bombshell Interview, Trump Slams Theresa May, Warns “Soft Brexit” Will Kill Any Trade Deal

In a extensive interview with with the popular Murdoch-owned British tabloid the Sun, Trump landed a double blow to embattled UK Prime Minister Theresa May, criticizing her handling of Brexit and saying her plans for a “soft Brexit” would kill any hopes of a trade deal with the US, suggested former foreign minister Boris Johnson, […]

SEC Investigating Why Facebook Didn’t Disclose Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

After reporting earlier this month that the Securities and Exchange Commission had joined the federal investigation into Facebook over its failure to disclose Cambridge Analytica’s misues of user data, the Wall Street Journal revealed on Thursday exactly what the agency is investigating. In keeping with its mission to police securities markets, the SEC is looking […]

Bonner: “We’re Living In A Deep State Paradise”

Authored by Bill Bonner via BonnerAndPartners.com, Clowns to the left of us… jokers to the right… what a hoot it is to watch them jump and howl. Trade barriers… LGBT bathroom policies… the Dow… Elizabeth Warren… Rudolph Giuliani… unemployment… QT [quantitative tightening]… Canadians sneaking across the border to buy our shoes – there’s no shortage of louche […]

US Blasts China, Russia Over Sneaky Oil Sales To North Korea; Urges UN Action

The United States has petitioned the UN to reprimand Russia and China for allegedly selling oil products to North Korea in violation of caps placed on petroleum sales as part of a larger sanctions package, reports the Wall Street Journal.  The U.S. State Department called on Russia and other U.N. members to “strictly implement” sanctions on North […]

“This Is A Very Scary Scenario”: Restructuring Legend Warns Of Coming “Perfect Storm”

Two months ago, we brought to your several very concerning quotes from some of the nation’s top restructuring bankers, of which the most dire warning came from Bill Derrough, the former head of restructuring at Jefferies and the current co-head of recap and restructuring at Moelis who admitted that: “I do think we’re all feeling […]

Are The Russia-Gate Fanatics Crazy, Or Just Cynical?

Authored by Justin Raimondo via AntiWar.com, The kookification of the “mainstream” continues, with none other than Jonathan Chait – the most conventional sort of boring corporate liberal – producing an unhinged diatribe purporting to prove that Donald Trump has been a Russian agent since 1987 – and that his path to the presidency was paved by his Russian handlers, […]

Mark Mobius: “There’s No Question We’ll See A Financial Crisis” As Trade War Intensifies

Since he “un-retired” from investing in March with plans to launch a bond fund to invest in emerging and frontier markets, former Franklin Templeton fund manager Mark Mobius has adopted one of the most bearish outlooks on Wall Street. And in keeping with his downcast views, Mobius warned in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday that […]

All Hell Breaks Loose After Gohmert Asks Strzok About “Looking Into His Wife’s Eyes” While Lying About Lisa Page

Chaos erupted during Thursday’s joint hearing before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees when Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asked FBI official Peter Strzok how many times he looked into his wife’s eyes while lying about the extramarital affair he was having with FBI attorney Lisa Page. “I’ve talked to FBI agents around the country. You’ve embarrassed them, […]