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5 Of The Most Controversial Moments From Peter Strzok’s Chaotic Testimony To Congress

Authored by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog, On Thursday, Peter Strzok finally received his well-deserved congressional grilling, and it was quite a chaotic affair. Over nearly ten hours, there were shouting matches between Strzok and congressional Republicans, there were shouting matches between Republicans and Democrats, and there were quite a few moments that […]

What Does He Know? Ross Dumps Stocks, Buys Treasuries After “Ethics Warning”

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been reprimanded by federal ethics officials for failing to sell individual stocks that he had agreed to divest within three months of his confirmation (he was confirmed in February 2017), creating “the potential for a serious criminal violation.” Claiming that he had forgotten about the remainder of his stake, Ross […]

Mish Lashes Out At Media’s Stunning Ignorance Of Italy’s Soaring TARGET2 ‘Capital Flight’

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, On two recent days, Eurointellence made stunningly bad comments about the escalating capital flight from Italy. The latest Target2 Chart from the ECB is from May. Newer totals are available in some individual countries. Debtors, primarily Italy and Spain, now owe Germany close to €1 trillion. Realistically, this money cannot and […]

Sea Breeze 2018: Who Wants To Disrupt Strategic Balance In The Black Sea Region?

Authored by Alex Gorka via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The US-led series of drills in and around Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline is part of NATO exercise Sea Breeze that kicked off on July 9 to last until July 21. The training event involves an international armada representing 19 countries, including such non-NATO states as Ukraine, India, Georgia, […]

European Powers Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Trade With Iran

Authored by Elliot Gabriel via MintPressNews.com, While the White House’s frenzied anti-Iran campaign has entailed unprecedented attempts to twist the arms of the United States’ traditional European allies, the pressure may be backfiring – a reality made all the more clear by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s claims that Europe’s three major powers plan to […]