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WTI/RBOB Jump After DOE Confirms Surprise Crude Draw, Production Slows

Following last night’s surprise crude draw (from API), and USD weakness, WTI/RBOB rallied overnight, but faded into the DOE data. However, as DOE confirmed API’s reported surprise crude draw (-1.616mm) and production slipped very modestly, prices jumped. API Crude -907k (+2.9mm exp) Cushing -2.644mm Gasoline +1.644mm Distillates -3.563mm   DOE Crude -1.616mm (+2.35mm exp) Cushing […]

Florida Teachers Demand State Pension Funds Sell Gunmaker Shares

Two days ago, while going through the holdings of the Florida teachers pension fund which amount to over $37 billion, Bloomberg found a surprising entry: 41,129 shares in American Outdoor Brands (valued at a meager $528,000, including $306,000 in unrealized profits) according to a Dec. 31 securities filing  listing the plan’s holdings. The company, formerly […]

After Releasing Oil-Backed Petro, Venezuelan President Hints At Gold-Backed ‘Petro Oro’

Authored by Molly Jane Zuckerman via CoinTelegraph.com, After the ‘successful’ launch of the Venezuelan government-backed cryptocurrency the Petro on Feb. 20, President Nicolas Maduro has already hinted at second government cryptocurrency soon to be released, according to government-sponsored news outlet TelSsur. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph This time, the government-backed cryptocurrency will be backed not by […]

Ivanka Trump Will Be “Face To Face” With North Korean General During Winter Games Closing Ceremony

North Korea reportedly canceled a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence set for Saturday Feb. 10, the day after the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Games, but, now that tensions have had some time to ease, is the US planning a clandestine meeting at Sunday’s closing ceremonies? It’s certainly beginning to look that way. […]

Curb Your Expectations

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, “The great economist John Maynard Keynes once said: ‘Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.’” – John Coumarianos The whole idea of “efficient markets” and “random walk” theories play out well on paper, they just never have in actual […]

Trump: “I Never Said Give Teachers Guns”

Left-wing media exploded with fury Wednesday afternoon following reports that, during a meeting with survivors of last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla., President Trump had suggested that the most effective method of preventing school shootings would be arming teachers. “If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end […]

European Stocks Suffer ‘Death Cross’ As Rebound Rolls Over

Following dismal PMIs across Europe yesterday, the region’s equity market rebound is rolling over today and has triggered the dreaded ‘death cross’, last seen in September 2015 before stocks legged notably lower. European economic data has been dramatically disappointing recently (weakest since Sept 2016)… The 50-day moving-average has crossed below the 200-day moving-average just as […]