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“Tail Risks Are Getting Fatter & Fatter” Guggenheim’s Minerd Fears “Devastating” Trade War

Having warned last week that “stock markets are crazy” as they rally in the face of an escalating trade war… Markets are crazy to ignore the risks and consequences of a #tradewar. This rally in #stocks is the last hurrah! Investors should sell now, speculators may do better in August. — Scott Minerd (@ScottMinerd) July […]

The Three Horsemen Of The Bitcoin Apocalypse

Authored by Michael Kern via Crypto Insider, There’s never a day that passes without some otherwise intelligent economist making radical claims about bitcoin. It’s all been said before. “It has no intrinsic value,” “it’s used by criminals,” “it will be regulated,” “it will fall to $0.” And media outlets are happy to share these opinions, […]

Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Intel Officials For Hacking DNC, Hillary Campaign

Update II: The Russian ruble reversed its earlier gains following the announcement.  Rosenstein has finally stepped to the podium and is rapidly reading off details about the indictments. Notably, one of the officials named in the indictments is charged not only with hacking of the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee but also with […]

The Permian Is Banking On These Key Pipelines

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via OilPrice.com, Booming crude oil and natural gas production in the Permian Basin and not enough pipeline takeaway capacity have widened the discounts at which oil and natural gas pumped in the most prolific U.S. shale basin are trading relative to the U.S. benchmarks. Midstream operators have planned and continue to […]

‘We’ve Got The Tapes’ – Trump Slams CNN, Sun Interview As “Fake News”

In one of the livelier presidential press conferences in recent memory, President Trump slammed the media after reporters refused to stop asking questions about his interview with the Sun (in which the president repeatedly criticized Prime Minister May’s “soft” approach to Brexit, warning it would kill the much anticipated US-UK bilateral trade deal). In one […]