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Brazil’s Largest Newspaper Abandons “Inhospitable Terrain” Of Facebook News Feed

Authored by Jay Syrmopoulos via TurthInMedia.com, The largest newspaper in Brazil, Folha de S Paulo, announced late last week that due to Facebook’s recent changes to their news feed algorithm resulting in what the paper claims is “effectively banning professional journalism,” it would cease publishing content on the social media platform. The Guardian reported that the […]

Swan Song Of The Central Bankers, Part 4: The Folly Of 2% Inflation Targeting

Authored by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, The dirty secret of Keynesian central banking is that under current circumstances its interventions have almost no impact on its famous dual mandate – stable prices and full employment on main street. That’s because goods and services inflation is a melded consequence of global central banking. The capital, trade, financial […]

Mueller Hits Manafort With New Bank Fraud Claim Over “Doctored” Paperwork

Days after learning that former Donald Trump campaign aide and longtime Paul Manafort business partner Rick Gates may have been flipped by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a Tuesday court filing released on Friday reveals that Manafort now stands accused of “a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies” in order to secure a mortgage on one […]

Turkish Forces Hit Kurds With Toxic Gas After Crossing Into Syria: Report

Turkish forces which entered Syria in late January have reportedly conducted a gas attack against Kurdish militias in the village of Aranda, sending at least six civilians to the hospital according to Syrian Kurdish forces and local media. “Six civillians suffering from suffocation as a result of Turkish forces firing missiles containing poison gas,” reports Dr. […]

Falsehoods And Lies: Inciting War Is A War Crime

Via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The torrent of reckless false accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO allies is hitting warp speed. This week saw more baseless allegations of Russian cyber attacks on American elections and British industries. There were also crass claims by US officials that Russia was behind so-called sonic attacks on American diplomats […]

Homage to the penis: Park full of phallus sculptures attracts Olympic fans

Tourists visiting South Korea for the Winter Olympics are getting excited about more than the athletes’ performances thanks to a nearby park full of giant penises. Read Full Article at RT.com x Can’t load widget var changellyModal = document.getElementById(‘changellyModal’); var changellyButton = document.getElementById(‘changellyButton’); var changellyCloseButton = document.getElementsByClassName(‘changellyModal-close’)[0]; changellyCloseButton.onclick = function() { changellyModal.style.display = ‘none’; }; […]

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Assange Hits Back At The Intercept – Claims “Obsessive And Obscenity-Laden” Campaign Against Him

Julian Assange hit back at The Intercept over a February 14 article claiming he backed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in leaked group chats from a disgruntled former WikiLeaks associate who set up the chat room.  [I]n the fall of 2015, Trump was polling at less than 30 percent among Republican voters, neck-and-neck with neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and Assange […]