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Small Cap Stocks: Time To Get Your Rally Caps On?

Small cap stocks tend to offer a bit more risk and reward. That equates to higher beta, which in turn tends to mean stronger returns when the broader market is healthy and weaker returns when the broader market is in the doldrums.

So where are we now?  Likely at an important juncture.

Small cap stocks as measured by the Russell 2000 (INDEXRUSSELL:RUT) and micro cap stocks as measured by the iShares Micro Cap ETF (NYSEARCA:IWC) are testing important support levels. Both indices rallied higher in August/September, breaking out above an 8-month trading range.

This article was originally for Seeitmarket.com. To see rest of the support points that small and micro caps are testing- SEE HERE

Why you see chart pattern analysis with brief commentary:   

There is a ton of news and opinions about markets and stocks that make the decision-making process more difficult than it needs to be.    

I believe the Power of the chart Pattern provides all you need to see what is taking place in an asset and determine the action to take.  

This approach has worked well for me and our clients and I encourage you to test it for yourself. 


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